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Aitken Leadership Group specializes in teaching people skills to technically-trained leaders. We offer leadership development, consulting and coaching to professional service companies.

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Who we serve

Engineering, design and professional services firms — as well as individual professionals — who want to learn how to grow in challenging times, or simply reach the next level of performance.

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What we're good at

We're good at getting individual leaders and teams unstuck. We specialize in accelerating leadership growth in executives and managers, offering consulting, training and team development to professional service firms.

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How we work

Every solution is custom. We learn your strategy, culture, and your desired outcomes — and then we build programs and training that fits.

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Meet the team

Geordie Aitken

Trusted advisor to executive teams and change leaders across North America, Geordie facilitates personal work with innate understanding. His innovative and playful approach disarms complex challenges and makes the hard conversations easy.

David Aitken

An accomplished business leader with indelible wisdom, David is a master executive coach. He combines street-smarts with soulful insight to bring profound change to the people on whom organizations depend.

Magda Dominik

Expert in adult education, Magda integrates sophisticated curriculum design with seasoned facilitation skills. Magda crafts transformative development experiences with sustained results.


What our clients say

Geordie Aitken has become the “go to” facilitator for our firm. Michael Scipione, President and CEO, Weston & Sampson
Geordie and David delivered exactly what they requested of participants: Presence, Candor and Perspicacity. Loy Young, Vice President, ACEC Washington
Specific teaching was very applicable to everyone, it was not just theory of something to implement later.Marcus Byers, Kleinfelder


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Personal Mastery

Excel, as yourself. We treat leaders as whole people, helping our clients develop the confidence, mindfulness and skills necessary to excel in their lives. Bridging the gap between individual and organizational, we create leadership programs fitting a company’s culture and strategic direction.



Get unstuck. Regain your insight, energy, and authenticity. Our rigorous approach enables the personal choices needed to make sustained behavioural change in life and work. We can help you re-discover your purpose, generating master strategies – and day-to-day tactics – to achieve your desired results.

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aq_block_1-Executive Coaching Workshop

Executive Coaching Workshop

Bring your team closer, and see it go further. By applying the principles of our individual coaching to an executive group, we help you and your colleagues find shared purpose, strategy, and behaviour.

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Let us make things easy. The original foundation of our business, facilitation is an art we continuously evolve and refine. Our disarming approach will help you approach the conversations, meetings, and planning sessions that matter.

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More client praise

Completeness, interaction, personal focus, ability to reach people at multiple career positionsChris Poland, Degenkolb
For over 20 years, I have watched as David worked with leaders to achieve extraordinary personal transformations.Kyle Davy AIA, President, Kyle V. Davy Consulting
David brings unparalleled expertise to each task, and he does so with a sincere concern for us as people.Philip G. Freelon, FAIA, LEED AP BD+C
I can easily say that my work with Geordie Aitken has been instrumental in breaking through multiple professional and personal barriers.Chris Decock, President, Hudsons Canadian Taphouse

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