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Leadership Development Programs for Learning + Letting Go​

Group experiences that far exceed expectations

Pairing industry-specific thought leadership with masterful experience design, the ALG team elevates group learning. ALG clients can expect programs with precisely curated content suited to their specific needs, highly personalized delivery that is both engaging and informative, and lasting impact. ALG programs help individuals reset and build self-awareness both personally and professionally.

Learning programs of every shape and size

Our custom-crafted offerings range from one-day offsites, to 4-day Personal Mastery intensives offered both in-person and remotely. Whether you have a small team of executives, a group of up-and-coming leaders or hundreds of shareholders, we have you covered. No matter the format, ALG programs accelerate the interpersonal skillfulness and long-term personal sustainability necessary for improved business results.

Remote Gets Personal

ALG believes that everything is personal. Our approach to remote leadership education is no different. All programs can be delivered using video conferencing and other online collaboration tools where participants and the facilitator are remote. We also have experience remotely facilitating a group that is co-located in the same room, where we control cameras, audio and visuals from a distance.

No matter the format, we work with you to determine the optimal set up to deliver the desired experience. With Geordie and his team, the technology disappears and connection happens.

Our Programs

Personal Mastery

ALG’s signature approach to developing Personal Mastery will get you out of your own way and help you grow. Interpersonal effectiveness is directly proportional to the level of self-awareness and self-regulation we bring to situations. ALG helps individuals reset their baseline of self-awareness in service of improved results.

Team Coaching Workshop

Team alignment, trust, and emotional intelligence can dramatically increase through this workshop experience. Suited to intact teams such as executive teams or operational leadership groups where ‘group norms’ may need refreshing, ALG’s 360º-based team development program is highly effective, remote or in-person.

Succession Process

Leadership transition is a team sport. ALG consults to Boards and selection committees as they choose a succession process best suited to their firm’s culture and goals. From coaching candidates and outgoing leader(s) to creating a ‘succession bootcamp’ for multiple stakeholders, ALG can help leaders pass the baton.

Shareholder Retreats

Ownership matters. Bringing shareholders together for a shared experience can galvanize the group for the challenges ahead. Many shareholder retreats become exercises in financial updates and superficial socializing. ALG can help you rethink your retreats to increase genuine connection, lasting buy-in and meaningful alignment.

Strategic Planning

Your strategy is your plan for success, creating clarity about how decisions will be made, in alignment with vision and values. ALG uses The Advantage ‘6 Question’ framework, customized for individual clients. Remote and in-person, with teams large and small, ALG has adapted this framework for professional service firms.

Public Workshops

Like the Super Bowl, ALG’s public and invite-only programs have their season. Past programs have included webinars, MasterClasses and Emotional Self-Mastery workshops. ALG translates insights from diverse fields to create new mental models, practices, and tools for a life well-lived.
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