Our emotional state is highly influential and one of our greatest resources.

Often, however, it is hindered by old habits and the fear of being vulnerable.

Emotional Self-Mastery is a 2-day workshop for high achieving professionals looking to take their emotional intelligence to the next level. It is for folks who know they may be working/living with a slightly out-of-date emotional operating system, and are ready for a new mindset.

Dive into the science of emotional self-mastery.

Using current research on how emotions are experienced in the body, the workshop offers the tools needed to learn how to shift one’s state.Through exercises, lecturettes and an exhilarating field trip participants will practice strategies to affect change quickly and effectively by changing their physiology. The key to being more effective and transforming those ‘anxious’, ‘frustrated’ or ‘stressed’ states is easier than you would have ever thought!


The Program

Join Geordie Aitken and Magda Dominik of Aitken Leadership Group in the beautiful Pacific Northwest woods for a fun and enlightening weekend that could change how you do work and life.

The program includes:

  • Individualized coaching to overcome ‘stuck’ emotional states or situations
  • Strategies to change and channel ‘anxious’, ‘frustrated’, or ‘stressed’ states
  • A bio-feedback tool for continued cultivation of mindfulness
  • A personal energy management blueprint for the 12 months following the retreat

DATE: March 8-10, 2019 Starting 3pm Friday, ending 3pm Sunday
COST: $2850 USD Inclusive of food, accommodation and workshop fees. Air and ground transportation to the Brew Creek Centre is not included.


It’s like an oil change on your emotional healthZ Hermann, Houston Engineering Inc
Geordie and Magda will take you through a whirlwind of emotions and open your eyes to ways to increase personal focus. You will learn to recognize your state, make necessary changes and ultimately change your results...for the better.A Cortez, T.Baker Smith
On a scale of 1 to 10, the session was an 18. I walked away with a renewed energy and deeper insights into myself, which will translate into a positive personal change, both professionally and personally.B Bevington, Walter P Moore
Geordie and Magda create unique learning experiences for leaders that accelerate development and facilitate impactful and positive changes.K Kocur, VHB Inc


The Brew Creek Centre

Near Whistler, BC (2 hrs from Vancouver International Airport)

Visit website.


Individual accommodations in contemporary Westcoast style lodge rooms, each with private bathrooms.


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