Executive Coaching with David


David has overcome many challenges in his 50-year career, personal and professional successes and struggles of every sort. As a founder of an innovative architectural firm, he has known the heights of success and its material rewards—the yacht, the sports car, and memberships to exclusive clubs. He has also fallen into the hazards that come with them, facing failure and the costs that overwhelming stress can have on personal health and family life. David emerged from this dark wood a changed man, newly focused on self-awareness and purpose.

Through the lens of a life-long study of human behavior, David has come to identify the navigational process that allows individuals to rediscover their personal path, with new choices. He has seen it operating in his own life, in the lives of those close to him, and in over one thousand successful coaching clients.

David’s work with individuals is conducted in person or via telephone. He also conducts executive coaching workshops with teams.

Download information on the complete coaching program (PDF, 279KB)

Contact David

Call: 604 644 5848
Email: aitkenleadership@gmail.com